Company History


The 1990s was an exciting time for the culture of Britain. New migrant communities were arriving at its shores, carrying with them a spirit of adventure and hope for the future. Whilst they worked hard and began building new lives for themselves, these communities still missed the taste of back home.

This was when an Idea came in 1998, Mr Amole combined her passion for cultural Food with single minded determination to lay the foundations for BIMS ltd, setting up a small retail shop in South London.

This great woman Mrs Amole put her passion for Agricultural produce from Africa to reach the Global Market, she was a specialist in agriculture and the trading of fresh vegetables to various countries all over the world.

BIMS is a Family business established in 1998 trading in grains, flours, pulses, vegetables, while possesses extensive experience in growing techniques, harvesting, processing, packaging, storage and handling.

We already supply extensively restaurants retailers, as well as cash & carry groups, manufacturers, catering wholesalers and the independent retail sector.